Ordering Disposable Wedding Party Supplies Online

The price of wedding party supplies and other festive events have been spiraling out of control lately, and many believe it’s time to scale back, in terms of food, décor, and accessories. A budget isn’t illegal, particularly when you believe that the less you pay for the wedding, the more you will have for the nest egg. In addition, rare is the guest who will have less of a good time if there is one less type of sushi at the smorgasbord, roses instead of orchids in the centerpieces, or chicken instead of beef as an entrée.

So, as we head into a thriftier epoch of wedding planning, the prevailing trend is disposable dinnerware. Before you bolt, understand that we aren’t talking about the unconvincing paper plates you are used to have at barbecues and picnics; instead, we’re mentioning elegant china-like disposable wedding cutlery that will save you tons on rentals and will make a striking impression on the guests all together.

Using Disposable Plates at Wedding Reception

When it comes to using disposables at wedding party, keep the following in mind when making your decision.

  • Match the tableware to the menu – If you’re serving steak and lobster, then the plastic silverware would look out of place. However, for most reasonable wedding menu items, plastic plates are going to work wonders.
  • Be sure to price check – Some caterers will include plastic plates in the total price of your dinner service but with an additional price for real dishes. Some prices noticed are an additional $5 per person!
  • Consider convenience – Ensure the disposable party supplies do not twist easily. Nothing is worse than a twisting plate if the guests will be carrying the plates to their table. Also, if you’re guests will need to cut their food with a knife, how will the plate hold up and will you be providing real knives that cut better than plastic knives?
  • Do not stress the small stuff – If you’ve considered the aforementioned things, and plastic is an ideal choice, then run with it! Most people aren’t going to care what their food is served on as long as it’s functional and convenient.

Lighten the Mood with Disposable Dinnerware

Unless you’re aiming for super-posh and seriously lavish, a little laid-back fun can’t hurt. Stop thinking of disposable dishes in terms of “tacky” and start thinking of them as casual and informal, or formal but less intense; perhaps not the style your grandparents were envisioning, but more along the lines of your personality (and your budget). If your dream wedding has an outdoor setting – a garden, a beach, or a field – heavy, serious porcelain and glass dinnerware wouldn’t be appropriate anyway. Indoor weddings, as well, will not suffer if you prefer a more relaxed approach. So give yourself a break and go disposable for a lighter atmosphere and a less mundane approach.

A Party Source is a reliable and reputed wholesale party supply store where you can order a variety of supplies for wedding and other occasions.

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