Can Disposable Party Supplies Replace Single-Use Plastic Plates & Cutlery?

These days, living in harmony with nature is necessary to our planet. This is supposed to be the case when it comes to social gatherings and parties as well. Alas, people are still extensively making use of party supplies that are made of single-use plastic in lieu of premium quality disposable party supplies for such occasions, essentially for reasons of expediency.

The ubiquity of non-recyclable and single-use disposable tableware sold in convenience stores and supermarkets is disheartening, and even though the negative impact of our throw-away culture on the environment is known popularly, the total market size of such products across the globe still increase drastically in recent years.

France is the 1st nation to make an effort and stop the progress of this trend. In the last quite a few, the country has prohibited the use of plastic disposable tableware and cutlery from 2020 onwards. The European Commission has proposed a ban on more than a few single-use plastic products such as disposable wine glasses for wedding in order to lessen marine and landfill pollution. This is one of the most important steps, as according to the Financial Times a study by the industry experts substantiates that Europe is a continent that still produces more than 25.9 tonnes of plastic waste every year, of which less than thirty per cent is recycled, 33 per cent ends up in landfills and 41 per cent is incinerated.

These days, there are a plenty of substitutes to single-use plastic tableware are available that you can always mull over getting for different types of parties or events. One of the best examples of such service providers is A Party Source that supplies such sort of products. You can get a wide range of premium quality of wholesale party supplies, including glasses, plates and other types of cutlery, in addition to table covers as well, that are not only sustainable but aesthetically appealing as well.

The company blends conventional craftsmanship along with technical acquired skills. The tableware we offer is completely compostable and the raw material will:

  • Decompose into carbon dioxide, inorganic compounds, and water
  • Go through extensive decomposition, losing its original form within ninety days
  • Leave behind no toxic materials

The specialists only focus on making use of tree-free materials, including bagasse and bamboo. When it comes to bamboo, it is one of the most popular sustainable raw materials that grows pretty quickly as compared to other materials and can be renewed very easily without any difficulty. On the other hand, when it comes to bagasse, it is a sugarcane fiber that can be utilized as a substitute for paper base. It is popularly known to have got an extremely soft raw material and for that reason it necessitates very less energy in the process of its production.

Are you also in search of a service provider where you can order premium bulk wedding supplies, do not miss to check out the product line at A Party Source!

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