Entertainment Ideas For A Baby Shower Party

baby shower party supply

Keeping the party going at the baby shower can be tricky if you have not planned games and activities to get the guests involved in the party. Besides getting some quality baby shower party supplies, you need to consider some ideas to keep the guests entertained.

Table Games

  • Printable Pages – From mad libs to advice cards, there is an assortment of printable pages you can find on the internet on the tables for guests to fill out. In addition, you will take pleasure in seeing what the guests wrote.
  • Board Games ­- It is turning out to be more and more popular for board games to be included into the baby shower celebrations. You could consider setting games on the tables or leaving them on a side table for guests to decide.
  • I Spy Game – Consider incorporating an “I Spy” game if you like the idea of having candid moments shot by the guests and let guests capture photos of the things on the list.

You could go about this in the following two ways:

  1. You could go the old fashion way and place a few disposable cameras on each table for guests to you.
  2. You could incorporate the baby shower hashtag on the “I Spy” page for guests to make use of while posting their photos to social media.

However, do not miss to shop online for party supplies at A Party Source to make sure that everything is managed properly.

Baby Shower Games for Guests

There are fun ways to entertain the guests and get them involved that do not have to include the would-be parents making fools of themselves. The following are some wonderful ideas and activities that you can play to get the guests involved and having fun.

  • Treasure Hunt – When it comes to kids, treasure hunt is always a great hit. Create a card with the list of things to find and have somebody place all the trinkets ahead of time. You can have them find photos, people, colors, food, items, etc. Kids are sure to have a blast and stay occupied for a while.
  • Karaoke – There is nothing more fun than a little karaoke? Have some hit songs and prizes to encourage guests to participate. To make things a little simpler and get the fun started, have a few people pre-selected to sing the 1st few songs. In addition, limit the number of tracks for quick song selection.
  • Kids Table – You are certainly going to have kids at the baby shower party. You can have an entire table set up with crayons, games, coloring pages, crafts, and paper engage the kids while the parents have fun dancing and visiting with the other guests. Providing some building toys such as a tub of Legos with help kids to get their creativeness on. Provide a few little kid-friendly sweet treats as well.

At last, when it comes to serving food and drinks to the guests, do not miss to check out A Party Source to buy party supplies online!

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