Is It Tacky To Order Disposable Wine Glasses For Wedding?

When planning an outdoor wedding reception, one thing you might be mulling over as you choose the disposable plastic table covers is what sort of wine glasses to make use of. do you go with customary yet breakable wineglasses or plastic wine glasses at a wedding. If you are amongst the parents who are planning to host a wedding, the big dilemma is really quality versus stability.

Real wineglasses run the risk of fun moments going out of kilter that all of a sudden necessitates the attention of cleanup crew. This can be a real buzzkilll – something you definitely do not wish at a wedding. However, will plastic wine glasses at a wedding reception cheapen the look of the entire event? The answer to this query actually depends on the sort of plastic wineglasses we are have a word regarding.

Disposable plastic wine glasses versus reusable plastic wine glasses at a wedding

A lot of people who dwell on getting plastic wine glasses for a wedding 1st think of disposable wine glasses for wedding. They are easy on the pocket, simple and you can simply throw them away. However, there are a few negative aspects as well. The other option is reusable plastic wine glasses. Let us compare the two.

Look & Feel

  • Reusable plastic wine glasses – Unbreakable wine glasses are plastic (100% Tritan material), but they have got the clarity of fine glass. People may even mistake unbreakable wine glasses for real glass. If you are in search of a pleasing to the eye, unbreakable alternative, then reusable plastic wine cups for wedding are the way to go.
  • Disposable plastic wine glasses – They look more like plastic and lack the sophistication the wedding deserves. Every person will immediately recognize that they are plastic.


  • Reusable plastic wine glasses – Unbreakable wine glasses will not shatter, break, fracture or tear. A wonderful blend of stylishness and strength are why people opt to make use of such plastic wine glasses at a wedding or any other occasion.
  • Disposable plastic wine glasses – They may not smash to smithereens, but disposable plastic wine glasses can tear and crack, which might not be the nicest thing to take place if the guests are drinking a glasses of red wine.


  • Reusable plastic wine glasses – Dishwasher safe, you can sue such glasses again and again! Do you need more glasses for the wedding day than you will ever need again? Donate the leftover glasses to a local charity or ask the guests to take some home.
  • Disposable plastic wine glasses – These are good for a single use and that is it. This may make clean up at the wedding easy, but it is even extremely hard on the environment. Plastic take up to 500 years to decompose – do you actually want plastic wine glasses at a wedding to still be around for generations to come?

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