All You Need To Know About Disposable Wine Glasses For Wedding

From practical to purposeful, disposable wine glasses for wedding or any other event or celebration come in a myriad of colors, sizes, styles, and materials. However, with all the choices out there, how do you become familiar with what kind of cup is right for you? Let us begin by covering a few fundamental things in this quick guide.

Types of Plastic Cups

  • Heavy Duty, Hard Wall

Consider getting hard wall plastic cups if you are in search of a high class choice with the convenience of disposability. Such cups have got rigid walls that make them shatter and break resistant, providing them with a feel of heavy duty. From crystal clear plain cups to festive colorful tumblers, hard plastic cups are perfect for upscale occasion such as weddings where traditional glassware simply is not feasible.

These are available in an assortment of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. These are the cups that are sure to meet virtually any need and go with virtually every type of decoration you are looking forward for the party. Such cups offer the look of fine cut crystal or china, yet cost a fraction of the price and none of the clean-up.

  • Thin Wall

These cups have got thin wall and are reasonably priced pick for daily beverage service. They are made of heavy-duty polypropylene stuff for a lower cost substitute to PET clear plastic cups. These are amongst one of the most popular disposable party supplies that are crack resistant, and feature a translucent appearance, and are wonderful for serving cold drinks at the high volume food venue.

  • Compostable

The same as paper, plastic cups are even available in an assortment of green, environment-friendly choices. You can get 100% compostable cold cups, for instance, which are made of PLA corn plastic and offer full product visibility for improved marketability. Such cups have got rolled rims and are available in several different types of sizes and shapes, and each cup can tolerate temperature from 40 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Heavy Duty, Flexible

Heavy duty, flexible cups have got a medium wall construction that flexes but still remains crack resistant. Offering crystal clarity for a chic appearance, PET plastic cups are premium clear plastic cups and resistant to cracks. These are the cups that are available in a wide selection of styles, sizes, and shapes. However, they are to be utilized just with cold beverages, thus limiting the service options. These are the cups that come in a wide variety of colors, making then an ideal choice for parties and catered events.

Kids Cups & Concession Cups

Offering hard plastic styles and lids with tight sealing, concession cups and kids’ cups alike are designed to last while preventing spills and drips. These are the cups that are available in a wide assortment of bold patterns, and range in size from a standard 12 oz. to a large 64 oz. Often referred to as “souvenir cups”, these are the wholesale party supplies that can be reused.

You can always consider getting such supplies at A Party Source!

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