Cups – One Of The Most Important Party Supplies You Need To Have

Whenever you think of planning a party, you first think of getting wholesale party supplies. And, whenever you think of getting supplies, you always think of getting plates and cups, in addition to other cutlery to let the guests enjoy the delicious meals at the party. Cups are one of the most important supplies that you need to consider getting.

From purposeful to practical, you can get a wide variety of disposable cups in a myriad of colors, sizes, styles, and materials. However, with all those choices out there, how do you become familiar with what sort of cup is right for you? Let us explore it all here.

  • Compostable

The same as paper, plastic cups are also available in a wide selection of green, environment-friendly choices. You can purchase totally compostable cold cups. These are the products that are made using PLA corn plastic and are designed to offer full product visibility for better marketability. Such cups have got rolled rims and can be bought in a wide choice of sizes and shapes, and each cup is tolerant to temperature between 40 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Polystyrene

Polystyrene cups are the ones that are available in clear and solid color choices. These are made from a high impact material that is flexible, shatterproof, and powerful. These plastic wine cups for wedding have got smooth rolled rims and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and styles to meet your distinctive needs. They are designed and created to endure the most popular party games, and are the standard when it comes to plastic cups in party settings.

These are the plastic cups that are the same as the majority of plastic cups and are solely designed for use with cold beverages though, so take that into account at the time of making a decision on an ideal cup for your party.

  • Dart Fusion

These are the modern cups that are designed exclusively to take convenience a step further by adding in superior insulating properties with ThermoThin cores. ThermoThin cores keep the sidewalls of the cup cool to the touch, getting rid of the need for “double cupping” or cup sleeves, yet they give the best in insulation for the cold or hot beverages.

These are the cups that are available in more than a few stylish and sleep designs, all with the appearance and feel of paper cups and the insulation of foam.


Not seeing a color or design that seems to fit the style of your party? A few kinds of disposable cups offer the choice of customization. This lets you add a personal touch to the disposable supplies for your party or event, allowing you to put on show the name or logo of the company (for formal events) or any other special thing for the guests, making it an efficient advertising.

To shop for the best disposable party supplies online, do not miss to browse through the wide selection of products available at A Party Source!

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